The PickLr

The PickLr is a bluetooth home canning system for the tech savvy home canning consumer. It’s also not real.

I worked with MistyWest to produce a fake product for April Fool’s day to be shared via social media and posted to their website. The PickLr is inspired by the growing popularity of IoT technology and organic food trends. We created a logo, mobile app user interface and press release page on the company’s website to help push the idea that this was, in fact, a real invention.

The PickLr’s logo is inspired by mason jars and rustic, ever-popular hipster style branding. The app interface has a countdown meter for tracking the process of your experiment’s pickling and pH levels.

We worked as a team on a photo shoot for the product website, and an industrial designer created renders of the PickLr lid that were photoshopped into the image. From there I spent time designing and formatting the website layout, and a MistyWest employee provided brilliant copy for the PickLr’s narrative.

At the bottom of The PickLr’s website there is a call-to-action to order the product, taking you to the April Fool’s page showing you’ve been duped with a colourful pickle illustration.