The Bloom Group Annual Report 2014-2015

The marketing team at The Bloom Group wanted to make a more tactile and slightly interactive annual report than their previous years to help encourage more donations from their supporters. Instead of doing a traditional magazine-layout, we decided on a multi-folded, large format report that opens like a map.

The front panel and cover of the report had 2 versions: one with just the title of the report, and one with space for an address so it can be mailed out. Since it folded neatly into a small package, there was no need for mail packaging as it could be sent as is.

The narrative of the report was “Community. Services. Together.” The “Together” portion of the report shows the names of all of the donors from the previous year laid out over the title, as opposed to a basic list. The “Services” section included an infographic breakdown of what TBG offers, where I personally illustrated the icons.

There was a lot of information to put into both sides of the paper, but thanks to great teamwork and communication we came through with a clean, modern and brightly coloured report that is engaging and informative.