Photo by Jackie Dives Photography

Only Child Apparel

During the time I was working for a custom t-shirt company and also volunteering at a rape crisis centre, I started to think about how I would love to see well-designed, empowering, myth-busting feminist tees that are not tacky or offensive (to both men and women). I knew this was my opportunity to start my own business.

I launched my brand Only Child Apparel on Etsy in November 2013 and since the shop’s launch, I’ve sold over 600 shirts to people all around the world, including countries like Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Lebanon, to name a few.

I pride myself on being an intersectional feminist brand; that means acknowledging the imbalance in our often racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist and classist world. I do not use professional models in my photo shoots, and I try to include a wide variety of body types, genders and ethnicities to reflect the dynamic range of people we all are.

All of the shirts are designed myself, mostly with hand lettered typography. A portion of all shirt sales are donated to WAVAW in Vancouver, BC.

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