My Grade 8 Diary Pilot

My Grade 8 Diary

I was asked to illustrate a title card for a Telus Storyhive entry titled My Grade 8 Diary; about a woman named Greer who suffers traumatic short term memory loss and decides to explore the forgotten memories of her middle school diary. As I am around the same age as Greer, I knew the year would have been 2000 when she was a pre-teen, so the illustration features flared jeans, platform shoes and a camouflage tee. It was turned into an animation for the opening title sequence.

The entry, which initially consisted of a pitch video, was funded to produce a pilot. I provided a wide range of graphics ranging from branding for a bagel company, the University degrees in the Doctor’s office and anatomical illustrations on the walls.

It was a great pleasure to work on this project and see my work displayed in a new medium.

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